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After years of alienation in her small town, Violet is finally getting out. Equipped with a can-do attitude and a fondness for silver linings, she’s determined to reunite with her older sister, Mel, who left to go “find herself” nearly a decade ago. Easier said than done. Mel’s new upscale life is a far cry from the way they grew up, and her sister’s entitled, self-important whatever-he-is doesn’t help matters—especially when Landon Blair seems more content to glower and grimace than roll out the welcome wagon....


I misread all the signs. I ignored all the warnings. I destroyed everything.

Because the truth is…the truth is it was easier when we hated each other.


Someone else was there.

Someone else understands. Someone else carries that night as though it's carved into their soul, the same way i do, and that is everything to me.


After Arden Hart gets into a horrible collision with a drunk driver, her life comes to a standstill. Now, she’s a year behind her peers in graduating high school, college plans are on hold indefinitely, and nightmares of that horrifying night plague her every time she shuts her eyes. The only way she can cope with her past is by detaching from the present, so Arden makes it her mission to isolate herself...




Alyssa Wilde has an obsession with forbidden romance and doesn’t care who knows. Designer by day and writer by night, she currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her amazingly supportive husband and their cat, Kevin. When she's not reading or writing, she likes to watch reality tv, consume an insane amount of sushi, and occasionally step out into the light of day. Her new novel, The Highlight, is available now!


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